Any fish farmer who wants to ensure both the productivity and health of their aquaculture site knows how important biosecurity is. Waste Spectrum are focussed on providing the fish farming industry with effective and biosecure incinerator solutions.

While waste collection services try their hardest to be biosecure, they are fallible. Our years of specific research of the fish farming and aquaculture markets resulted initially in the development of the Volkan 450 AC incinerator, a technologically advanced top-loading incinerator for the disposal of marine stock, fish waste, eggs and aquaculture by-products which incinerates from above and below the waste, ensuring only clean, sterile ash remains. We have now added a second model to the AC range which is suitable for smaller fish farms that don’t require the high-volume throughput capabilities of the Volkan 450 AC.  To maximise your efficiencies, all our incinerators come equipped with our world-leading pulse fire burner systems and dual-chamber technology as standard.

The Volkan 450 AC is designed, engineered and manufactured in the UK and meets current DEFRA, Animal Health in Scotland, SEPA, DARD and EU legislation.

If you have any questions about our aquaculture models why not call us on 01905 362100 or email