June 09, 2016

UK manufacturer Waste Spectrum respond to market demand with the launch of a specialist incinerator for the biosecure disposal of poultry hatchery waste.

For many years’ egg and poultry producers have faced the problem of finding a solution for the disposal of hatchery waste. The viscous nature of this waste and it’s calcium properties means that incineration is the most biosecure method of disposal and the subsequent reduction of the hatchery waste to inert ash was near impossible until this new product development.

The Waste Spectrum ‘Hatchery 50’ has been specifically designed and developed for the fast, efficient and biosecure disposal of hatchery waste materials. The prototype machine has recently completed extensive testing at 2 well established poultry sites within the UK with excellent results.

With traditional incinerators the high calcium content and viscous waste is more likely to produce a scrambled egg type crust than incinerate to ash’ say Waste’s Managing Director Neil Rossiter. ‘Our customers, particularly the large scale egg producers in the Middle East, have had issues with the problematic disposal of this type of waste in volumes for a long time, and looked to us to find a solution to this problem. Our engineering team have worked hard along-side the poultry producers over the past two years to develop an incineration system that really works. Listening to the producers and Innovative thinking lies at the heart of this machine and has lead us to this solution.

Traditional incineration of Animal-By-Products involves an incinerator with a static burn process.  This process simply does not work for hatchery waste as the liquid, solids and shell coagulates and crusts which doesn’t incinerate.

The brand new Hatchery machine include a Primary and a Secondary Chamber as well as a de-ashing system and an internal shaft-driven paddle that continually “stirs” the waste in a circular motion inside the Drum-Shaped Primary Chamber.

It is the circular ‘agitation’ generated by the constantly revolving paddle that delivers the key benefit of keeping the waste in motion; the critical aspect of the nature of this type of waste. The continual motion of the waste inside the primary chamber stops the waste from coagulating and forming a solid crust and thus halting the incineration process.

The paddle system has the additional benefit of ‘ejecting’ the ash from the incineration chamber enabling a continuous process of incineration and ash generation/ejection; another innovative feature of this incinerator design. The ‘Hatchery 50’ achieves a 75% volume reduction with this constantly operating burn cycle. The high calcium content of the shells is the major contributor to the remaining 25% ash volume (the liquid volume reduction is much higher than 75%).

Waste Spectrum’s Managing Director Neil Rossiter commented. ‘This is a major leap forward in poultry hatchery waste disposal and management. We are the only known incinerator manufacturer offering an effective solution to the disposing of hatchery waste that meets with EU legislation.

Waste Spectrum sells incinerators for the biosecure disposal ABPR waste for both general on-farm use and in emergency situations.  Waste Spectrum sells incinerators worldwide, operating on all 7 continents across 70 countries and is seen to be both the UK and EU’s leading supplier in this field.

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